Does Staples Price Match Amazon?

Yes! In the start of November, Staples has confirmed that it will price match the products sold and supplied through Amazon, a famous online e-retail platform. This step from Staples was expected since last some time however after this confirmation in 3rd November, about price match of the products sold through Amazon or any other retailer, the things have become easier for the retailers to sell the products of this brand online or offline.

Staples offers wide variety of products through Amazon with an extraordinary price match guarantee of 110% as per its policy. It allows the buyers of office supplies or supplies for the school going children to get cash back on the products you have purchased, if you find those products at a lower rate at some other retail center or the prices drops after you purchase.

Reasons behind this price match announcement

According to Alison Corcoran of Online Marketing and SVP of North American Stores, Staples has promised to sell its quality products as very reasonable prices.

It allows its customers to shop for its products confidently whether buying them online or in-store of this brand, not only during vacation season but also after it. All of their customers know that Staples is a brand that provides all the best quality products at the least prices along with some must-have gifts which its customers can get with their purchased products.

Moreover, Staples has recently offered its price match offer with the products sold and shipped by Amazon because this e-retail platform is at the top of its priority list since last few years. Though it is the second largest online supplier of office supplies but it is trying to double its online sales by the end of this year by introducing some new categories of products like seasonal products and gifts etc. It is promoting the sale of Halloween items at present whereas in summers even barbecues were sold through this e-retail platform.

Amazon is also showcasing some of the in-store products so that its customers should buy them for this website instead of from its competitors’. In this way, price matching with Amazon was a great issue for many offline retailers like Staples. However, Staples has worked out a lot for accepting price match with Amazon even at the cost of its profits.

How to do price match at Staples?

This price match can be done in two different ways – after you have purchased an item or before you purchase anything. It can be done as under:

Price Match after Purchasing Something at Staples

When you purchase something from Staples and within few days the price of that item drops then you can get the difference of price back from Staples. In fact, Staples has a policy known as 110% guarantee of price match to avoid frustration of this kind among its customers along with providing them the best customer services.

The additional 10% in the guarantee is for such types of discounts as while refunding your money they will add a 10% discount in your account. Staples offers this cash back policy only in case the price of the product you bought drops down within 14 days of its purchase. To get the refund of the difference you will have to give evidence of its lower price. They also cover the products of Staples brand you have bought either from any other online of in-store retailer or directly through Amazon under the price match guarantee policy.

Price Match at Staples before purchasing anything

If you are planning to buy something from Staples but you have found an identical item at lower price at some other store then while buying that item you can show the evidence of lower price to Staples to get rebate in the purchase. They add an additional discount of 10% of the difference of price to satisfy you, regardless whether you are buying the product online or from in-store.

In order to claim the price match difference from a store of Staples at any location you will have to go through three steps like:

  • Find a low priced identical product
  • Verify low price through a valid proof
  • Complete the process by present the proof to an associate at the store of Staples

In order to claim the difference of price match online at the website of Staples, you’ll have to follow following easy steps:

  • Find an identical low price product online
  • Save the item number of low price item and the URL of the e-retailer
  • Complete the process by calling at 800-333-3330

You will have to ensure that the low price item, you have mentioned in your claim, is sold by a competitor in-store or online store like Office Depot or Best Buy etc. The Staples’ associate will complete your file after verifying the information provided by you to complete the process. He will also ensure that you get the difference of the price of your products.

Download an app for tracking price

In order to avoid missing the price match offer of Staples in future you can sign up and download a price tracking app or tool so that whenever you plan to buy something from Staples you can compare its prevailing prices on various retail platforms or get am on request notification when there is a drop in their prices.

For instance, you can get the price history of the product you want to buy by tracking its price on Amazon. You can also download Honey, an extension of Chrome browser, to see the lowest price of any items with all the competitors, before buying it. You can also use this tool for finding the best coupon code to buy the product at more affordable price.

Sign Up for Moolah

Moolah is a tool that allows you to get the best price match on Staples’ products. So you should sign-up for it as it automatically tracks the online purchases made by you, by using your email address. You can file your claim for the refund of price match, by using Moolah, whenever the price of an item drops as per the time condition of Staples

Thus the price match of Staples wit Amazon will help you in saving a lot even after purchased a product few days back.